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After a particularly devastating few months, the hurricane season in the Caribbean is coming to an end. However, the clean-up operation has far to go. Homes and infrastructure still need to be rebuilt in several of the affected areas. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominica, the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands, Saint Martin and Sint Maarten and the island of Barbuda (part of Antigua and Barbuda) are the worst affected. Relief operations are ongoing, but it will take a long time to restore normality to many of the devastated communities.

Cruise ships may re-route their scheduled journeys over the coming months. Some hotel accommodation may no longer be available, so be sure to check in advance of any trips. Otherwise, conditions will hopefully improve for the authorities and relief workers seeking help communities rebuild.

You can see our report on Hurricane Irma here as well as our report on worldwide tropical storms here.

Elsewhere in the world, independence movements in both Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia faced clampdowns from their respective central governments in October so expect more protests and even violence in November, particularly around the disputed Iraqi territories. You can see our update on the Iraq-Kurdish confrontation here, as well as the Iraq page, including travel tips on the Kurdish region here.

The extremist group Daesh continues to lose major ground which is extremely positive, but expect survivors and sympathisers to go underground. The spectre of mass-casualty terrorist attacks by the group will remain a major concern, not just in Iraq and Syria, but the wider region and internationally, including Europe and North America.

Travellers should expect further unrest and violence in Kenya after the controversial polls held on the 26th October. This is one of the most visited and commented-on pages on the Starling site so be sure to check it in advance of any trips to the country.

Elections are also due to take place in a number of other parts of the world. Somaliland will hold presidential elections this month, Nepal will hold parliamentary elections, Chile and Honduras will hold (heated) general elections while further legislative polls are expected to take place in San Marino and the Falkland Islands (although the dates of these two have not yet been confirmed).

Finally, as the United States prepares for Thanksgiving, expect the calamity that has come to be associated with Black Friday. Not only does the day see frenetic shopping around certain retail establishments, it has also become a rallying point for anti-capitalist protesters. Expect demonstrations, internet attacks and website crashes, not just in the US, but across the world – especially Europe – around the day.

Key Dates

1 November
Algeria: anniversary of the revolution against France
Antigua & Barbuda: Independence Day
Bulgaria: Day of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival
Christianity: All Saints Day

2 November
Cambodia: Water Festival

3 November
Ecuador: Foundation of Cuenca
Maldives: Victory Day
Panama: Independence Day

4 November
Dominican Republic: Community Service Day
India: Guru Nanak’s birthday
Panama: Flag Day
Peru: Anniversary of Founding of Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
Russia: People’s Unity Day

5 November
El Salvador: Cry of Independence Day
United Kingdom: Guy Fawkes Day

6 November
Dominican Republic: Constitution Day
Morocco: Anniversary of the Green March
Tajikistan: Constitution Day

7 November
Russia: Day of Accord and Reconciliation
Ukraine: Revolution Day

9 November
Cambodia: Independence Day
Nepal: Constitution Day

10 November
Nigeria: Anniversary of execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight fellow ethnic Ogoni (possible unrest in Niger Delta)
Panama: Uprising of Los Santos

11 November
Angola: Independence Day
Poland: Independence Day
Worldwide: Remembrance/Armistice) Day

12 November
Azerbaijan: Constitution Day
Taiwan: Birth of Dr. Sun Yat Sen

13 November
Somaliland: presidential elections

14 November
Jordan: Remembrance Day

15 November
Brazil: Proclamation of the Republic Day
Côte D’Ivoire: Peace Day

17 November
Azerbaijan: Day of National Revival
Democratic Republic of Congo: Army Day
Czech Republic: Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
Greece: Anniversary of 1973 Student Uprising
Slovakia: Revolution Day

18 November
Latvia: Independence Day
Morocco: Independence Day
Oman: National Day
Uzbekistan: Flag Day

19 November
Mali: Liberation Day
Monaco: National Day
Puerto Rico: Discovery of Puerto Rico Day
Chile: general elections

20 November
Brazil: Day of Black Consciousness
Mexico: Revolution Day

22 November
Lebanon: Independence Day

23 November
Georgia: St. George’s Day
Japan: Labor Thanksgiving Day
United States: Thanksgiving Day

24 November
Mongolia: Constitutional Day
Worldwide: Black Friday

25 November
Suriname: Independence Day

26 November
Comoros: Anniversary of the Death of Alkoutb Said Muhammad Cheif Al Maarouf
Mongolia: National Day
Nepal: legislative elections
Honduras: general elections

27 November
Venezuela: Anniversary of coup attempt

28 November
Chad: Proclamation of the Republic Day
Honduras: Independence Day
Mauritania: Independence Day
Panama: Independence Day

29 November
Liberia: Former President William V.S. Tubman’s birthday

30 November
Barbados: Independence Day
Philippines: Bonifacio Day
Yemen: Independence Day

World travel guidance for November
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