Why take part?

“The more everyone contributes, the more everyone benefits”

We think there are lots of reasons why you should join the Starling site.

Firstly, you can gain access to detailed safety reports on over 250 countries and territories around the world.

If you are travelling to an unfamiliar destination you can use these reports to understand how safe that destination is and prepare accordingly.

“I use the site every day”

Secondly, but perhaps more importantly, you can also share your own knowledge, advice and experience on locations you do know about, so that other travellers can benefit from your insight.

The more everyone comments on the countries they know about, the more useful the site will become.

We’re not talking about recommending bars or restaurants (although this can be helpful). Instead, we want your advice and input on things related to personal safety.

Maybe you can share information on crime, natural hazards, or driving conditions. Maybe you have some helpful tips on good hospitals, reliable taxi companies or safe parts of town. Perhaps you can share articles on breaking news, or editorials providing valuable insight for anyone who wants to understand the local context better.

“The Starling reports contain so much useful information”

If you are able to share advice on a location you know about, perhaps you will benefit when you want to find out about a new location you are unfamiliar with. Hopefully one of our hundreds of users will have already been there and left some useful hints and tips.

Sharing is caring and we want our community to collaborate altruistically, so that everyone has access to useful advice.

“It was nice to know that other people had been to the places I was worried about visiting”

The more everyone shares, the more everyone benefits from the collection of useful information.

We are also going to continue expanding the site’s functionality. Users who upload the most useful advice will be offered trials of our latest features and services.

If you want to join our vibrant, helpful community, you can register for free here.