We have dozens of users sharing advice, news articles, alerts and other helpful updates on safety around the world.

Did you know that you can also ‘verify’ these updates by clicking the tick icon on these comments?

This basically means that you can confirm or agree with the advice.

The more verifications a comment receives, the more trustworthy it is.

The following leaderboard shows which of our users have received the most verifications so far. This means that these are our most trusted users.

Well done everyone

  1. Simon3e3: 6 verification
  2. Rdomalley: 4 verifications
  3. LeeOH123: 4 verifications
  4. Fiona: 3 verifications
  5. FrequentFlierJamie: 3 verifications

If you want to be a trusted user, you can sign up with the site here.

After that, all you need to do is start leaving useful advice and updates on anywhere you know about.

When you are registered you can also start verifying the pieces of advice left by other users that you know to be accurate.

As well as kudos, our most verified users can receive certificates, LinkedIn endorsements and written references for would-be employers.

Otherwise, the more everyone contributes, the more the community can benefit from one another.

Thank you everyone for taking part!

The Starling Team

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