Are you concerned by crime rates? Tired of terrorism? Harangued by hurricanes?

Maybe it’s time you found a new place to live.

Somewhere quiet, somewhere safe, somewhere organised and healthy perhaps?

If so, we’ve got a selection of countries for you to pick from.

Unlike a lot of the other “safest countries in the world” lists which usually focus on crime or security, we also take into account wider issues such as healthcare, road safety and even unpredictable weather, none of which should be overlooked.

As such, any country that has made it onto our list can truly be considered “pretty darned safe”.

So here they are:

The biggest risk here is probably having too much fun. According to Starling Safety, Ireland is the safest English-speaking country in the world (and it’s definitely the safest Gaelic-speaking one too).

With a high quality of life, world-renowned culture and some beautiful scenic landscapes you might just want to move here, although it’s also ideal for shorter breaks too.


Organised, safe and stable, it’s well worth a visit, if not a full relocation! Many expatriates report an extremely rewarding experience, interesting culture, sociable saunas and convening with nature.

How do you deal with the long, dark winters you ask? Alcohol, apparently.


This is an extremely safe country. Crime and political violence are almost unknown, healthcare is excellent and human development levels are amongst the highest in the world.

The biggest risk to travellers probably comes in the form of volcanic activity (remember ejayyfsgfuudal?) disrupting flights in the future. However, dramatic geographic activity is not only something that the local authorities are extremely experienced in, it’s one of the best reasons to visit the country. Go go go.


Asia’s safest country has a diverse but cohesive society, well-integrated infrastructure, good policing and an extremely low rate of crime. As a major travel hub it continues to serve as a reliable safe haven for globetrotters.

Note also that many of the countries on this list can have a chilly climate. Singapore is the only tropical country to be included so if you don’t like the cold, this is the one for you.


Sticking to the Nordic countries, we also have Denmark.

With high levels of social contentedness, well-organised authorities, excellent healthcare and well-resourced emergency services it is both safe from a day-to-day perspective and highly resilient. The quality of living is also so high that you might never want to leave.


Let’s be honest, it’s not just Iceland and Denmark. The Nordic countries were always going to do well in this contest and Norway is no exception.

For decades state funds have repeatedly been reinvested into infrastructure, medical care, state resilience and health and safety initiatives.

The result is one of the safest countries in the world, which as a bonus also has some of the most stunning landscapes on earth.

The Netherlands

The crime rate is low, healthcare is excellent, people are happy and everything is pretty much safe and easy going.

It’s a lovely place to live with beautiful architecture, pleasant strolls and endless bike rides. A perfect place to live and raise a family, as well as a pleasant destination for a relaxing few days.


The hills are alive with the sound of robust health and safety measures, well-organised civic institutions and good levels of policing and judicial expertise.

Austria combines some beautiful urban planning with breath taking natural environments, creating a very healthy place to live, work and visit.

New Zealand

We can’t let Europe win the whole show, but with Singapore, New Zealand is the only other country outside of Europe to make our top 10 list.

It’s politically stable, geopolitically isolated, well-developed, well-organised and cohesive. Furthermore, unlikely its near(ish) neighbour Australia, New Zealand has very little in the way of dangerous flora and fauna.

It’s a beautiful, peaceful and wholesome country that can sometimes seem very far from all the troubles and strife of a world beset with political violence and instability.

And finally, we come to arguably the safest country of all:


Healthy lifestyles, excellent healthcare, vigorous health and safety initiatives, a historically cohesive society, with strong respect for the rule of law and extremely favourable geographic conditions make this, in our opinion, the safest country in the world.

It’s also beautiful, rich in history and culture and a lovely spot for relaxing, hiking or sipping a Hugo by the lake: the perfect antidote to travelling in some of the more volatile parts of the world.

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The 10 safest countries in the world
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