Can you tell us about the safety environment somewhere in the world?

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What sort of information are we looking for?

Imagine a friend, relative or work colleague is about to travel to somewhere you know. They want to find out more about how safe the area is. What would you tell them?


Did the weather negatively affect you? Would you avoid the location at any time of year because of the weather? Did you experience any natural disasters?

Transport and infrastructure

Describe the road quality; were drivers courteous and professional or erratic and reckless? Where taxis and public transport efficient, professional, reliable and safe?

How easy was it to use bank cards or obtain cash? Did you experience any power failures? How reliable was mobile/cellular coverage?


Did you need to get any specific vaccinations before the trip? How would you describe the hospitals, doctors and pharmacies? Are they easy to find, professional, clean and efficient, or did you have concerns about hygiene, equipment, staff training levels or access to trauma care or blood supplies?


Did you encounter any crime or scams? Did you face corruption or were you pressured into providing a bribe? Did you experience any protests, demonstrations or riots? Did you experience any terrorism or any sort of violence? Did you find the police/military to be helpful and professional or did you have any negative experiences?

Did you leave the doors unlocked? Did you feel safe to walk around alone by day and by night? Did you have to stay vigilant at all times? Did you need security protection? Did you need to evacuate?


Was there anything taboo or illegal in the location that would not be so where you normally live? Did you experience any discrimination? Are there any other cultural issues of note worth mentioning?

What does your gut say?

This is important! Your gut feeling can be subjective and hard to pin-point but it is still useful. Did you feel safe and comfortable or anxious and concerned? Can you describe the experience as a lone traveller or a female in the location? Where would you go for help if you needed it?


If relevant, how organised and efficient did you find the airport? Was security well managed and did you feel safe?

Any information or safety tips that you think might help another traveller will be of use. Maybe the area is completely safe – it’s useful if you tell us that too!

Further reading

If you can’t remember what vaccinations you needed, try the NHS Fit for Travel site or the CDC travellers’ health page.

Additionally, if you want to include news links describing any of the situations, incidents, trends or otherwise please feel free to do so. Sites such as the BBC, Guardian, CNN and any other well-known media outlet are all welcome.

Can you tell us about the safety environment of somewhere that you know - including the roads and driving conditions?