Please find below a travel safety calendar for the upcoming month.

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Inclement weather

September saw a range of safety issues affecting travellers around the world, particularly storms in North America and East Asia. Among the most notable incidents were Hurricane Florence battering the Eastern United States and Typhoon Jebi shutting down rail and aviation networks in Japan. The damage and casualties are also still being assessed after an earthquake and tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

October is often a drier month in South Asia after the monsoon has ended. Countries such as India and Bangladesh often experience a mild, dry and pleasant ‘winter’ from now until March so it might be a good time to schedule a visit.

Several parts of the Middle East such as around the Persian Gulf remain very hot, but the temperatures usually begin to ease noticeably at this time of year. It might be a good time to start thinking about upcoming trips to Oman or the UAE for example.

Other popular travel destinations at this time include the Mediterranean and Middle East (including Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel), Latin America, South and South East Asia, East Africa and the wider Indian Ocean.

However, hurricane season will remain in place in parts of North America and the Caribbean while typhoons will remain a risk in many parts of East Asia for at least another month from now so be sure to check your travel plans and keep up to date with the latest weather developments for the time being. Be prepared to alter plans at short notice in the event of any weather warnings.

The following countries and territories also mark notable weather changes this month:

Cote D’Ivoire: the hot, wet season which began in June normally ends this month.
Cuba: the rainy season which began in May normally ends this month.
DRC: the rainy season which began in April in areas north of the equator normally ends this month.
El Salvador: the rainy season which began in May normally ends this month.
Kosovo: parts of the country can start to experience heavy rain and snowfall from now until December.
Malaysia: the north-east monsoon normally begins this month and lasts until February.
Northern Mariana Islands: the rainy season which began in July normally ends this month.
Sao Tome and Principe: the rainy season normally begins this month and lasts until May.
South Sudan: the rainy season which began in May normally ends this month.
Sri Lanka: the southwest monsoon, which began in June, normally ends this month.
Tonga: while cyclones can occur all year round they become more likely between now and April.
Zambia: the rainy season normally begins this month and lasts until April.

Détente and disruption

From a political perspective there are contentious elections scheduled this month in Brazil, with related unrest likely to take place in various cities. Many demonstrations are likely to be peaceful, but they could be very large and result in road closures and localised travel disruption. There will also remain an underlying risk of associated violence so stay up to date with local news reports and avoid potential flashpoints.

In more positive news, a diplomatic détente between former warring neighbours Ethiopia and Eritrea has led to a reopening of their border. While the Ethiopian president Abiy Ahmed faces domestic opposition, the development, if it remains in place, will grant Ethiopia with better access to the sea. It could also help open up Eritrea to the world. Today, the country is a very challenging destination, but with an improvement in governance and greater co-operation with the international community, it certainly has tourism potential, particularly given its coastline, culture and cuisine.

Key Dates

1 October
Australia: Labour Day
China: National Day
Cyprus: Independence Day
Nigeria: Independence Day

2 October
Guinea: Republic Day
India: Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

3 October
Germany: Day of German Unity
Honduras: Francisco Morazán’s Birthday
South Korea: National Foundation Day

4 October
Lesotho: Independence Day
Mozambique: Day of Peace and Reconciliation

5 October
Honduras: Army Day
Portugal: Republic Day

6 October
Egypt: Armed Forces Day
Gabon: National Assembly elections
Latvia: Parliament elections
Turkmenistan: Day of Commemoration and National Mourning

7 October
Brazil: national elections
Bosnia Herzegovina: national elections
Cameroon: presidential elections
Sao Tome and Principle: National Assembly elections

8 October
Canada: Thanksgiving
Peru: Battle of Angamos Day

9 October
Ecuador: Independence of Guayaquil Day
Uganda: Independence Day

10 October
Kenya: Moi Day
Taiwan: National Day

11 October
Macedonia: Revolution Day

12 October
Equatorial Guinea: Independence Day
Venezuela: Indigenous Resistance Day

14 October
Georgia: Day of Svetitskovloba
Luxembourg: Chamber of Deputies election

15 October
Thailand: Passing of King Bhumibol Day

18 October
Azerbaijan: Independence Day
Bhutan: National Assembly election
India: Durga Pooja

20 October
Guatemala: Revolution Day
Kenya: Mashujaa Day

23 October
Hungary: Republic Day

24 October
Buddhism: Full Moon Poya Day
Zambia: Independence Day

26 October
Austria: National Day
Ireland: referendum and presidential election

27 October
St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Independence Day
Turkmenistan: Independence Day

28 October
Brazil: presidential election
Czech Republic: Foundation of the Independent Czeochoslovak State Day
Georgia: presidential election
Greece and Cyprus: Okhi Day

29 October
Turkey: Republic Day

30 October
Shi’ite Islam: Arba’een

We hope you have safe travels ahead!

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