Please find below a travel safety calendar for the upcoming month.

Summer temperatures are rising in the northern hemisphere, while tensions are similarly on the increase as a number of countries hold high-stakes elections.

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Political events
A number of relevant elections are taking place in July. We start with Mexico, which will hold elections for its Chamber of Deputies, Senate and President on the 1st July. There have been a number of politically-motivated murders ahead of the event so far, with several political candidates shot dead by gunmen in different parts of the country. More incidents are to be expected in the coming days.

South Sudan is supposed to be holding general elections on the 9th July but there is uncertainty over whether or not they will actually take place, amid ongoing political instability in the country. Pakistan will hold general elections on the 25th July, with a potential risk of political violence around the date.

Mali will hold presidential elections on the 29th July. This is worth noting as the date has been postponed repeatedly over the last few years because of concerns over instability and terrorism. There will be an increased risk of radical Islamist attack in the run-up to the date in the country as terrorists may try to disrupt the event.

A similarly charged election is due to take place in Zimbabwe on the 30th July. Many Zimbabweans are concerned about the risk of violence after a blast injured over 40 people at a rally in Bulawayo shortly after current president Emmerson Mnangagwa finished an address to the crowd. The election is still scheduled to go ahead as planned.

Seasonal weather changes
The month of July normally sees high temperatures in the northern hemisphere. There is often a boom in travel in places such as Europe. The monsoon is usually in full swing in south Asia while hurricane season has also officially begun in the Caribbean. Popular travel destinations at this time include Europe, East Africa and North America.

The following countries and territories also mark notable weather changes this month:

North Korea/DPRK: typhoons can occasionally occur from now until October.
Guam: the rainy season normally begins this month and lasts until December.
Micronesia: typhoons can occur all year but they become more likely between now and November.
Northern Mariana Islands: the rainy season normally begins this month and lasts until October.

Key Dates

1 July
Botswana: Sir Seretse Khama Day
British Virgin Islands: Territory Day
Burundi: Independence Day
Canada: Canada Day
Ghana: Republic Day
Mexico: Elections
Rwanda: Independence Day
Somalia: Independence Day and Unification Day (referring to Somaliland)

2 July
Christianity: St Peter and St Paul Day (holiday observed in some countries)
Hong Kong: local holiday

3 July
Belarus: Independence Day

4 July
Rwanda: Liberation Day
United States: Independence Day

5 July
Algeria: Independence Day
Armenia: Constitution Day
Cape Verde: Independence Day
Venezuela: Independence Day

6 July
Kazakhstan: Capital City Day
Malawi: Independence Day

7 July
Solomon Islands: Independence Day
Tanzania: Saba Saba Day
Starling Safety: Our Birthday

9 July
Argentina: Independence Day
Brazil: State Rebellion Day
South Sudan: General Elections (not yet confirmed)

10 July
Bahamas: Independence Day
Caribbean: Carnival Day in some island countries
Mongolia: many areas celebrate the festival of Naadam until 14th July

12 July
Kiribati: Independence Day
United Kingdom: Battle of the Boyne Day (Northern Ireland)

14 July
France and French Territories: Bastille Day

16 July
Chile: Virgen del Carmen Day

17 July
South Korea: Constitution Day

18 July
Uruguay: Constitution Day

19 July
Myanmar: Martyr’s Day
Nicaragua: Sandinista Revolution Day

20 July
Colombia: Independence Day

22 July
Gambia: Revolution Day

23 July
Egypt: Anniversary of the Nasserist Revolution
Oman: Renaissance Day

24 July
Ecuador: Simon Bolivar’s Birthday
Oman: Renaissance Day
Venezuela: Simon Bolivar’s Birthday

25 July
Pakistan: General Elections
Tunisia: Republic Day

26 July
Cuba: National Revolution Day
Liberia: Independence Day
Maldives: Independence Day

28 July
Peru: Independence Day

29 July
Cambodia: National Elections
Mali: National Elections

30 July
Morocco: Enthronement Day
Vanuatu: Independence Day
South Sudan: Martyr’s Day
Zimbabwe: National Elections

We hope you have safe travels ahead!

Starling July Forecast
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