Please find below a travel safety calendar for the upcoming month.

August is a busy time of year for travel, but there are a number of issues to be aware of before you set out. As well as wildfires in many parts of the world, we are also in the midst of hurricane, monsoon and typhoon seasons.

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Seasonal weather changes
While the northern hemisphere is experiencing high temperatures, the month of August normally marks the end of winter in many parts of the southern hemisphere.

The hurricane season persists in the Caribbean, while there will be a higher risk of typhoons in Japan.

Popular travel destinations at this time include much of Europe. Indeed, August is the month that many people across the continent take off work. Coastal destinations are particularly popular amid the high temperatures. As well as the Mediterranean, this is also a good time of year to visit northern parts of Europe which might otherwise be avoided during colder times of the year. It can be warm in Scandinavia for example. Other popular destinations include East Africa, South East Asia and North America.

The following countries and territories also mark notable weather changes this month:

Bhutan: the rainy season, which began in June, usually ends this month.
Botswana: the country can often experience dusty winds this month.
Ethiopia: the rainy season, which began in June, usually ends this month.
Guyana: the rainy season, which began in May, normally ends this month, although another one will take place again from November to January.
Japan: typhoon season is already underway but the period of greatest risk is normally from the end of August until early September.
Maldives: the rainy south-west monsoon season which began in June normally ends this month.
Pakistan: the rainy season, which began in July, normally ends this month.
Taiwan: the rainy season, which began in June, normally ends this month.

Key Dates

1 August
Barbados: Emancipation Day
Benin: Independence Day
Democratic Republic of Congo: Parents’ Day
Guyana: Emancipation Day
Jamaica: Emancipation Day
St Lucia: Emancipation Day
St Vincent and the Grenadines: Emancipation Day
Trinidad & Tobago: Emancipation Day

2 August
Bermuda: Emancipation Day
Costa Rica: Virgin of Los Angeles Day
Macedonia: Republic Day
Russia: Paratroopers Day
Ukraine: Paratroopers Day

3 August
India: Ker Puja
Niger: Independence Day

5 August
Burkina Faso: Independence Day
Croatia: Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

6 August
Bolivia: Independence Day
Jamaica: Independence Day
Zambia: Farmers’ Day

7 August
Colombia: Battle of Boyaca Day
Côte d’Ivoire: Independence Day

8 August
Tanzania: Nane Nane (Farmers’ Day)

9 August
Singapore: National Day
South Africa: National Women’s Day

10 August
Ecuador: Independence Day

11 August
Chad: Independence Day

13 August
Central African Republic: Independence Day
Tunisia: Women’s Day
Zimbabwe: Heroes Day

14 August
Morocco: Oued ed-Dahab Day
Pakistan: Independence Day

15 August
Bangladesh: National Mourning Day
Christianity: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Republic of Congo: Independence Day
India: Independence Day
Paraguay: Founding of Asuncion Day
South Korea: Liberation Day

16 August
Dominican Republic: Restoration Day

17 August
Afghanistan: Independence Day
Gabon: Independence Day
Indonesia: Independence Day

20 August
Estonia: Restoration of Independence Day
Morocco: Revolution Day

21 August
Islam: Eid ul-Adha (subject to lunar sightings)
Morocco: Youth Day

24 August
Ukraine: Independence Day

25 August
Uruguay: Independence Day

27 August
Moldova: Independence Day
Namibia: Heroes Day

29 August
Slovakia: Slovak National Uprising Anniversary

30 August
Kazakhstan: Constitution Day
Turkey: Victory Day

31 August
Kyrgyzstan: Independence Day
Malaysia: National Day
Moldova: National Language Day
Trinidad And Tobago: Independence Day

We hope you have safe travels ahead!


Starling August Forecast
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