If you are concerned about somewhere in the world and want to know more about the risks, please fill in this form and we can provide you with a quote for a bespoke risk assessment produced by risk mitigation specialists A. Kain and Partners LLP.

These risk assessments contain analysis on a range of issues including local infrastructure, healthcare facilities, social trends, cross-cultural issues, laws, crime and political violence (including terrorism, conflict and kidnap for ransom).

As well as detailed insight, the risk environment is also displayed in a detailed matrix, allowing the reader to understand at-a-glance how serious all the relevant risks are.


The reports contain guidance on what you can do to mitigate the relevant risks, allowing you to proceed in safety and with peace of mind. Where relevant, they can also include contingency planning information, such as recommended safe havens and evacuation routes, which can be especially useful for locations in volatile and unstable parts of the world.

The intelligence, analysis and advice is produced by a team of experienced security specialists including former special forces and intelligence personnel, who have been helping clients stay safe in hostile environments around the world for decades.

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