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Expect these 7 Travel Risks in 2018

We are only two weeks into the new year and already thousands of people around the world have faced disasters, criminality, political unrest and subsequent travel disruption.

Sudden mudslides swept away homes in California earlier this week while huge swathes of the eastern United States were stunned by a bomb cyclone as the new year arrived. Extreme heat in Australia is melting roads while freak snowfall has trapped thousands of tourists in the Alps.

What further causes of disruption can be expected in the remaining 50 weeks of the year? The following seven issues in particular should be kept in mind and prepared for where relevant.

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Is Zimbabwe Safe?

In all appearances, Zimbabwe is undergoing a military coup. The atmosphere in the streets is tense and no-one knows what might happen next. With foreign governments warning their citizens to stay indoors the question has to be asked – is the country safe? more “Is Zimbabwe Safe?”

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Confrontation in northern Iraq

Kurdish military reinforcements have reportedly been deployed to Kirkuk in preparation for a possible conflict with forces loyal to the central government. Additional troops have also been sent to other northern areas whose ownership is disputed with Baghdad.

Keep up to date with the latest developments on our Iraq page. If you’re in the area, please register here and share your advice and observations. The more we all contribute, the more everyone gets out.

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