What started as a small group of ex-Special Forces personnel and travel safety experts has grown into a diverse community of savvy, sensible people involved in travel across the world.

Our members are based in all manner of locations, ranging from Algiers to Antarctica, Manhattan to the Himalayas, rural villages to urban conurbations and everything in between.

We include journalists, aid workers, nurses, students (and their proactive parents), lawyers, air stewards, desert explorers, doctors, hoteliers, meteorologists, chemists, translators, engineers, ship captains, peacekeepers and at least one cabaret singer.

Essentially it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you come from, if you can share your knowledge of an area with our flock, you’ve got what it takes to be a Starling.

It could be your hometown, the place you work, or somewhere you recently visited. 

If you can leave a comment about how you felt or what you experienced there from a safety perspective you will help strengthen our community.

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