In our September travel safety forecast we examine weather changes in different parts of the world. The realities of covid-19 mean that travel remains very difficult.

Despite the realities of the pandemic, September often brings the relief of cooler weather in some parts of the world. It also brings the end of seasonal monsoons in several regions.

Otherwise, the Jewish religious events of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur take place this month. Here are some recommendations on how to observe the event safely from the New York Times.

Meanwhile, the global electoral cycle has also been severely disrupted by the logistical obstacles posed by the ongoing pandemic. Nonetheless, preparations for the US elections continue, despite major challenges.

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The month of September normally ushers in the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. The associated reduction in temperatures can bring relief to many areas, such as the Middle East and North Africa.

The month also marks the end of the monsoon in most of south Asia. The southwest monsoon, which traditionally restricted Somali piracy activity in the Gulf of Aden, also normally eases this month. This can bring an increased risk of opportunistic pirate attack in the region.

Where to go

Popular travel destinations at this time include the Mediterranean region (including parts of the Middle East and North Africa). South and South East Asia, North America (particularly New England), South and Central America are also popular. And as ever, Australia and New Zealand are usually favoured, when disease isn’t spreading around the planet.

Quite simply, the realities of covid-19 mean that many people will be staying in their home countries. This is preferable than risking the spread or unexpected quarantine restrictions that may be put in place for certain countries.

Standard Weather Changes

The following countries and territories are worthy of mention in our September travel safety forecast because of notable weather changes they normally experience at this time of year:

Algeria: the hot summer normally starts to ease this month.
Burundi: the country’s second rainy season of the year begins this month and lasts until November.
Eritrea: the rainy season, which began in June, normally ends this month.

End of the Monsoon

India: the monsoon season normally ends this month.
Liberia: the rainy season, which began in June, normally ends this month.
Myanmar: the rainy season, which began in June, normally ends this month.
Oman: the brief, localised monsoon which normally affects the south of the country from May, usually ends this month.

Drier weather in Southeast Asia

Thailand: the south-west monsoon, which began in mid-May, normally ends this month.
Vietnam: the rainy season, which began in May, normally ends this month.
Yemen: the brief, localised monsoon which normally affects the north-east of the country from May, usually ends this month.

Key Dates for the September travel safety forecast

The following dates are significant this month:

1 September
Slovakia: Constitution Day
Uzbekistan: Independence Day

4 September
Vietnam: National Day

6 September
Bulgaria: Unification Day
Swaziland: Independence Day

7 September
Brazil: Independence Day
Mozambique: Victory Day
United States: Labor Day

8 September
Macedonia: Independence Day
Malta: Feast of Our Lady of Victories Day

9 September
Tajikistan: Independence Day
DPRK: National Day

10 September
Belize: St. George’s Caye Day

Catalan National Day

11 September
Spain: National Day of Catalonia

12 September
Cape Verde: National Day
Ethiopia: New Year

14 September
Nicaragua: Battle of San Jacinto Day

15 September
Costa Rica: Independence Day
El Salvador: Independence Day
Guatemala: Independence Day
Honduras: Independence Day
Nicaragua: Independence Day
Slovakia: Day of Our Lady of Sorrows

16 September
Malaysia: Malaysia Day
Mexico: Independence Day

Rosh Hoshana approaches

17 September
Angola: National Hero’s Day

18 September
Chile: Independence Day
Judaism: Rosh Hashanah

19 September
Chile: Army Day

20 September
Timor-Leste: Freedom Day

21 September
Armenia: Independence Day
Belize: Independence Day
Malta: Independence Day

22 September
Bulgaria: Independence Day
Saudi Arabia: National Day

24 September
Cambodia: Constitution Day
South Africa: Heritage Day

25 September
Mozambique: Armed Forces Day

27 September
Eritrea: Meskel
Ethiopia: Meskal

Yom Kippur

28 September
Czech Republic: St. Wenceslas Day
Judaism: Yom Kippur

29 September
Paraguay: Battle of Boquerón Victory Day

30 September
Botswana: Botswana Day

Thank you for staying up to date with our September travel safety forecast.

We hope you have safe travels ahead!

September travel safety forecast
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