In our July travel safety forecast we’re going to keep things brief. Covid-19 continues to ravage much of the world. The weather may be heating up for summer and people are tired of lockdown. Nonetheless, travel should still be for essential purposes only.

The virus is likely to make another resurgence in several parts of the world.

It could be months before it is finally brought under control – if ever. Even then, this is not going to be the last major new disease we see. More are almost certain to emerge in the coming years.

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The month of July normally sees high temperatures in the northern hemisphere. There is often a boom in travel in places such as Europe. Nonetheless, that clearly won’t be happening now.

The lifting of some travel restrictions will encourage sporadic booms in travel. However, restrictive measures will remain in place. Further subsequent outbreaks are also to be expected – particularly around areas where social distancing is eased.

Inclement weather

Elsewhere in the world, the monsoon is normally in full swing in south Asia. You should also bear in mind that hurricane season has begun in the Caribbean region.

The following countries and territories are also worthy of mention in our July travel safety forecast. Notable weather changes normally occur at this time of year:

North Korea/DPRK: typhoons can occasionally occur from now until October.
Guam: the rainy season normally begins this month and lasts until December.
Micronesia: typhoons can occur all year but they become more likely between now and November.
Northern Mariana Islands: the rainy season normally begins this month and lasts until October.
Pakistan: the rainy/monsoon season normally begins this month and lasts until August.

Key Dates for the July travel safety forecast

Be aware that the following dates are significant this month:

1 July

Botswana: Sir Seretse Khama Day
British Virgin Islands: Territory Day
Burundi: Independence Day
Canada: Canada Day
Ghana: Republic Day
Rwanda: Independence Day
Somalia: Independence Day and Unification Day (referring to Somaliland)

3 July

Belarus: Independence Day

4 July

Rwanda: Liberation Day
United States: Independence Day

5 July

Algeria: Independence Day
Armenia: Constitution Day
Cape Verde: Independence Day
Venezuela: Independence Day

6 July

Kazakhstan: Capital City Day
Malawi: Independence Day

7 July

Solomon Islands: Independence Day
Tanzania: Saba Saba Day
Starling Safety: Our Birthday

9 July

Argentina: Independence Day
Brazil: State Rebellion Day

10 July

Bahamas: Independence Day

12 July

Kiribati: Independence Day
United Kingdom: Battle of the Boyne Day (Northern Ireland)

14 July

France and French Territories: Bastille Day

16 July

Chile: Virgen del Carmen Day

17 July

South Korea: Constitution Day

18 July

Uruguay: Constitution Day

19 July

Myanmar: Martyr’s Day
Nicaragua: Sandinista Revolution Day

20 July

Colombia: Independence Day

23 July

Egypt: Anniversary of the Nasserist Revolution

24 July

Ecuador: Simon Bolivar’s Birthday
Oman: Renaissance Day
Venezuela: Simon Bolivar’s Birthday

25 July

Tunisia: Republic Day

26 July

Liberia: Independence Day
Maldives: Independence Day

28 July

Peru: Independence Day

29 July

Judaism: Tisha B’Av Eve

30 July

Judaism: Tisha B’Av
Morocco: Enthronement Day

Vanuatu: Independence Day
South Sudan: Martyr’s Day

31 July

Islam: Eid ul-Adha

Thank you for staying up to date with our July travel safety forecast.

Otherwise, we hope you have safe travels ahead – once covid-19 has been managed!

July travel safety forecast
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