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Eid ul-Adha
We would like to wish all our Muslim readers a very happy Eid! Al also hope that this year’s Hajj to Mecca proceeds free of accidents and political tensions. All the best to all of you.

Everything seemed to be settling down after the election, until the Supreme Court annulled the election results earlier this morning. So, expect more jostling and possible clashes between rival supporters over the course of September.

The south-west monsoon will abate this month, so be prepared for a possible uptick in Somali piracy, especially around the Gulf of Aden. Stay vigilant!

North Korea
We don’t think war is likely at this stage. As crazy as the regime may seem, they know that war would mean almost certain annihilation and the end of their way of running the country. Instead, expect more posturing and threats, although there will remain a slight risk of miscalculation and possible escalation.

Violence against the Rohingya community is intensifying, while NGOs and foreigners in general seeking to monitor or assist in the situation face a risk of being targeted by anti-Rohingya activists. This is a real tragedy and one that is unlikely to abate in September.


Key Dates Ahead

1 September
Islam: Eid ul-Adha (until 4th September)
Eritrea: Anniversary of the Start of the Armed Struggle
Mexico: State of Union Address
Slovakia: Constitution Day
Uzbekistan: Independence Day

2 September
Vietnam: National Day

3 September
Russia: Anniversary of Beslan hostage crisis

4 September
United States: Labor Day

6 September
Bulgaria: Unification of Eastern Rumelia with Bulgaria in 1885
Pakistan: Defence of Pakistan Day
Swaziland: Independence Day

7 September
Brazil: Independence Day
Mozambique: Victory Day

8 September
Macedonia: Independence Day
Malta: Victory Day

9 September
China: Anniversary of Confucius’ and Mao Zedong’s Death
North Korea: DPRK Foundation Day
Tajikistan: Independence Day

10 September
Belize: St. George’s Caye Day

11 September
Chile: Revolution Day
Ethiopia: Ethiopian New Year
Pakistan: Anniversary of death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
United States: Anniversary of Sept 11 Attacks in NYC

12 September
Cape Verde: National Day

14 September
Nicaragua: San Jacinto Day

15 September
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua: Independence Day
Slovakia: Day of St. Mary, country’s patron saint

16 September
Malaysia: Anniversary of the Formation of Malaysia
Mexico: Independence Day
Papua New Guinea: Independence Day

17 September
Mexico: Independence celebrations continue
Angola: National Hero’s Day

18 September
Burundi: Victory of Uprona Day
Chile: Independence Day
China: Humiliation Day

19 September
Chile: Armed Forces Day
St. Kitts and Nevis: Independence Day

20 September
Timor-Leste: Freedom Day

21 September
Argentina: Students’ Day
Armenia: Independence Day
Belize: Independence Day
Malta: Independence Day

22 September
Bulgaria: Independence Day
Mali: Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic

24 September
Cambodia: Constitution Day
Saudi Arabia: Unification of the Kingdom Day
South Africa: Heritage Day

25 September
Mozambique: Armed Forces Day
Rwanda: Kamarampaka Day

27 September
Eritrea: Meskel – Festival of the True Cross
Ethiopia: Meskal festival

28 September
Angola: Youth Day
Czech Republic: St. Wenceslas Day/Statehood Day
Taiwan: Teachers’ Day; Confucius’ birthday

29 September
Paraguay: Battle of Boquerón

30 September
Botswana: Botswana Day

Monthly Forecast, September 2017
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