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August marks the time when much of Europe takes a holiday, so expect busier than normal travel routes and destinations, and little in the way of email replies if you’re chasing any business with clients on the continent.

The same principle applies for Eritreans, many of whom return home at this time of year. If you know Eritrean food, you will understand why, but just be prepared for shortages in accommodation and busier flights to and from the country over the coming weeks.

After successful peace negotiations between the government and the FARC, now it’s time for negotiations with the ELN rebel group. So far the signs are positive. Expect sporadic political violence by some members of the group over the coming months but overall there is a likelihood that the negotiations will lead to a cessation of ELN violence in the coming years. However, the issue of the BACRIM (organised crime groups) seeking control of various local criminal rackets previously managed by rebel groups has not been addressed, so certain parts of Colombia will remain hazardous for the foreseeable future. If you want to visit this incredible country, just make sure you avoid the dangerous areas, which are both isolated and increasingly small in size. Otherwise, be sure to see the Bogota carnival taking place on the 5th and 6th of August.

General elections are taking place on the 8th of August. There is apprehension that related violence could mirror the 2007 polls so travellers should pay attention to local news sources around the day to stay abreast of any developments. Conditions have improved in terms of institutional strength in the last ten years so for one thing, the actual result is difficult to predict (always a healthy sign of a good democracy) but unfortunately there is also still corruption, mismanagement and – crucially – mistrust of the system which may prompt public outbursts of anger and frustration. Stay aware of developments and if you’re unsure at all, bear in mind that you are witnessing a tense but highly positive evolution in one of the most dynamic growing economies and democracies in the world.

Controversial security measures in Jerusalem have prompted unrest in recent weeks. These have now been removed but be prepared for more sporadic protests, clashes and attacks on the security forces in the city, as well as potentially other Israeli interests in the region over the coming weeks. Jerusalem is still fairly safe to travel around during the day. Even at night very few incidents actually affect travellers, but use your common sense, be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to leave an area if you sense any tension or see any angry crowds gathering.

Key Dates Ahead

1 August
Angola: Armed Forces Day
Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago: Emancipation Day
Benin: Independence Day
China: People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Day
Democratic Republic of Congo: Parents’ Day
Nicaragua: St. Dominic’s Fiesta Day

2 August
Kuwait: Anniversary of Iraqi Invasion (1990)
Russia: Paratroopers Day
Ukraine: Paratroopers Day

3 August
Equatorial Guinea: Armed Forces Day
Niger: Independence Day

4 August
Burkina Faso: Revolution Day
Zambia: Farmers’ Day
Rwanda: national elections

5 August
Burkina Faso: Independence Day
Colombia: Bogotá’s Carnival
Croatia: Homeland Thanksgiving Day

6 August
Bolivia: Independence Day
Jamaica: Independence Day

7 August
Colombia: Anniversary of the Battle of Boyaca
Côte d’Ivoire: Independence / Republic Day
United Arab Emirates: Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan’s Accession Day

8 August
Bhutan: Independence Day
Tanzania: Nane Nane
Kenya: national elections
Iraq: ceasefire day (in Kurdish areas)

9 August
Sierra Leone: National Day
Singapore: National Day
South Africa: National Women’s Day

10 August
Ecuador: National Independence Day

11 August
Chad: Independence Day
Zimbabwe: Heroes Day

12 August
Zimbabwe: Defence Forces Day

13 August
Central African Republic: Independence Day
Laos: Lao Issara
Tunisia: Women’s Day

14 August
Morocco: Reunification Day
Pakistan: Independence Day

15 August
Bangladesh: National Mourning Day
Republic of Congo: Independence Day
Equatorial Guinea: Constitution Day
India: Independence Day
Panama: Anniversary of the Founding of Panama City
South Korea: Independence Day
Christianity: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Jordan: municipal and governorate council elections

16 August
Dominican Republic: Restoration of the Republic

17 August
Gabon: Independence Day
Indonesia: Independence Day

19 August
Afghanistan: Independence Day

20 August
Argentina: Anniversary of Gen. Jose de San Martin’s Death
Estonia: Day of Restoration of Independence
Morocco: King’s and People’s Revolution Day

23 August
Worldwide: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
Angola: national elections

24 August
Liberia: National Flag Day
Ukraine: Independence Day

25 August
Paraguay: Constitution Day
Uruguay: Independence Day

26 August
Namibia: Heroes Day

27 August
Moldova: Independence Day

29 August
Philippines: National Heroes Day
Slovakia: Slovak National Uprising

30 August
Kazakhstan: Constitution Day
Turkey: Victory Day
Saudi Arabia: al-Hajj (until 4 September – although many travellers will begin arriving from July and many will stay until October)

31 August
Kyrgyzstan: Independence Day
Malaysia: National Day
Moldova: National Language Day
Trinidad And Tobago: Independence Day

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