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The year 2017 saw the defeat of Islamic State on the ground but the group has not been eradicated. Surviving members and sympathisers are now likely scattered in many parts of the Middle East, North Africa and the wider world, preparing to commit further terrorist attacks. The Starling Safety world terrorism map is displayed below. The threat posed by radical Islamist terrorism will not be contained until its warped ideology, which continues to inspire radicals, is undermined. This process could take years.

Political violence will continue to affect many parts of the world this month. The conflict in Yemen is likely to drag on far beyond January. Even if fighting somehow ceases, the humanitarian crisis could take years to address. Instability will also likely persist in places such as Myanmar, eastern Ukraine and northern Nigeria.

Time will tell whether the latest unrest in Iran will spread or be contained or pacified. Expect disruption and violence in cities around the country for the time being at least. Watch for rising anti-Kabila sentiments in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well. Public anger at leaders attempting to extend their rule will likely be seen in a number of countries around the world this year, from Latin America to East Asia.

In more stable parts of the world, presidential elections are expected in Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Finland this month. These are unlikely to have an impact on travel plans.

Bangladesh will also hold the Bishwa Ijtema, the largest gathering of Muslims anywhere in the world. The prayer event brings together millions of worshippers from around the globe and can have an impact on local travel and accommodation availability.

Seasonal weather changes
In the northern hemisphere expect a continuation of cold, wintry weather with an impact on travel this month. In the southern hemisphere, expect summer conditions, including milder weather.

Popular travel destinations at this time of year include the Alps, Australia, Brazil, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Caribbean, Central America, east Africa (particularly Kenya and Tanzania), Florida, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Persian Gulf (particularly the UAE), South Africa as well as south and southeast Asia (everywhere from India to Vietnam).

The following countries and territories also mark notable weather changes this month:

Antarctica: the average temperatures are usually at their highest this month, just below freezing.
Falklands: the temperatures are usually slightly warmer than normal from now until February.
Guyana: the November-January rainy season comes to an end this month.
Panama: the rainy season that began in May ends this month (if it has not already ended).
Rwanda: the rainy season that began in November ends this month.
Seychelles: the rainy season that began in November ends this month.

Key Dates

1 January
Cameroon: Independence Day
Haiti: Independence Day
Slovakia: Republic Day
Sudan: Independence Day
Taiwan: Commemoration Day
Worldwide: New Year’s Day

2 January
Haiti: Ancestry Day
Worldwide: New Year’s Day holiday continues in many countries
Buddhism: Mahayana New Year

3 January
Burkina Faso: Revolution Day

4 January
Angola: Day of Martyrs of the Colonial Repression
DRC: Commemoration of Martyrs of Independence Day
Myanmar: Independence Day

5 January
Sikhism: Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday

6 January
Laos: Pathet Lao Day
Christianity: Epiphany

7 January
Cambodia: Liberation Day
Christianity: Orthodox Christmas

8 January
Japan: Coming of Age Day

9 January
Panama: Martyr’s Day
Philippines: Feast of the Black Nazarene

10 January
Benin: Traditional Religions Day

11 January
Morocco: Independence Manifesto Day
Puerto Rico: Eugenio María de Hostos’ Birthday

12 January
Bangladesh: Bishwa Ijtema (first segment, lasting until 14 January)
Tanzania: Revolutionary Day
Turkmenistan: Memorial Day
Czech Republic: presidential elections (lasting until 13 January)

14 January
Christianity: Orthodox Christian New Year

15 January
United States: Martin Luther King Day

19 January
Bangladesh: Bishwa Ijtema (second segment, lasting until 21 January)

20 January
Azerbaijan: Day of the Martyrs
Brazil: Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro Day
Guinea Bissau: Anniversary of the death of Amilcar Cabral
Laos: Army Day
Mali: Armed Forces’ Day

21 January
Dominican Republic: Feast of our Lady Altagracia
Russia: Anniversary of Lenin’s death

24 January
New Zealand: Wellington Anniversary Day
Senegal: Magal de Touba
Western Europe/Iran/Turkey: Kurdish Republic Day

25 January
Brazil: Sao Paulo’s Foundation Day

26 January
Australia: Australia Day
Dominican Republic: Duarte’s Day
India: Republic Day

27 January
Monaco: Saint Devote’s Day

28 January
Cyprus: presidential elections
Finland: presidential elections

30 January
India: Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination
United Kingdom: Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

We hope you have safe travels ahead.

Global Travel Safety Forecast for January
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