Here’s some information on the Starling Safety platform.

Are you travelling anywhere in the future? Do you know how safe the destination is? Do you know what risks to look out for?

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Why Starlings?

Flocks of starlings share safety information with one another to evade risks.

So do we.

Our collaborative community includes members from Finland to Fiji, Manhattan to the Himalayas.

We have people from all walks of life, including journalists and aid workers, doctors and cabin crew, students (and their parents), lawyers, ship captains and even an international cabaret singer.

Our community shares hints, tips and information on specific locations that each of them know to help keep us safer as a group, even if we are travelling alone.

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Access a wealth of information

On our website you can find advice, analysis, facts and figures on over 200 countries and territories around the world.

The reports have been compiled by our intelligence analysts and former special forces personnel.

The additional hints and tips on each location have been contributed by our amazing community.

The reports cover everything safety-related from crime and civil unrest to driving conditions, healthcare, climate and natural disasters.

If you’re anything like us, you won’t go anywhere without wanting to do some research on the destination first.

So, read the information on Starling Safety so you know what to expect.

Glean safety information that you won’t find in travel guides and arrive well-briefed and properly prepared for your trip.

Share your own insight

Additionally, if you’re a really good member of our community, please share your own insight when you get home!

Tell us how safe you felt, anything unexpected you encountered, or anything that concerned or alarmed you.

Imagine a friend of yours is going to the same location shortly. What would you tell them? What tips and advice would you offer?

The more comments and advice you upload, the more premium content on the site you will ‘unlock’. This includes strategic forecasting and comprehensive risk mitigation advice. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your contribution.

The more everyone shares, the more we all benefit.

Starlings are communicative, international travellers, present on every inhabited continent on Earth. They are colourful, diverse, safety conscious and collaborative, evading threats together.

So please sign up, tell us about somewhere you know – and become a starling with the rest of us.

Safe travels!

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