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September travel safety forecast - A roundup of developments that could affect travel safety in September, including weather, elections and covid-19.
August travel safety forecast - A roundup of developments that could affect travel safety in August, including Chinese relations, trade and covid-19
July travel safety forecast - A roundup of developments that could affect travel safety in July, including weather, lockdown and the ongoing covid-19 situation.

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Mexico is a large North American country known for its culture, cuisine and natural beauty in a wide array of historical sites and landscapes. However, parts of the country are notably affected by crime.


Yemen is situated in the south of the Arabian Peninsula and is known for its ancient history and striking architecture. However, political instability and security concerns make it a difficult place to live, work and visit.


Kenya is an East African country with rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. It is increasingly regarded as a gateway to other parts of the region. However, it is not without travel risk issues.


Japan is an extremely well-developed East Asian country known for its unique culture, cuisine and natural beauty. It performs very well in most travel risk categories but it is vulnerable to natural disasters.


Colombia is a large Latin American country with vibrant culture and rich biodiversity. Emerging from an extensive internal conflict it is set to become much more of a popular travel destination, although security conditions can still be problematic.


Egypt is an ancient and populous Arab country considered to be both North African and Middle Eastern. It is famed for its historical sites and is a popular tourist destination, although it suffers from underdevelopment and has been subject to bouts of political instability in its recent past.

South Africa

South Africa is a diverse country known for its sometimes difficult history, as well as its rich culture and pleasant climate.


Lebanon is a small Middle Eastern country known for its ancient history, climate and culture. Despite suffering bouts of political instability it is a very vibrant traveller destination.


China is a large, populous country visited by millions of travellers each year. Infrastructure is well developed and safety levels are good.


Syria is a Middle Eastern country known for its history and culture, although its current instability makes it a very challenging traveller destination.


Ghana is a West African country known for its relative stability. It is one of the most popular traveller destinations in West Africa, but it is not without certain travel risks.


India is a large South Asian country known for its long history, rich culture and religious diversity but it is not without its travel challenges.


Ukraine is a large Eastern European country known for its history and vast agricultural expanses. Overall safe to visit, parts of the east are subject to tensions and flareups of violence.


Nigeria is a large West African country known for its cultural diversity. However, it suffers from underdevelopment, crime and corruption.


Mongolia is a large Asian country known for its history, culture and expansive landscapes.


Algeria is a large, energy-rich North African country known for suffering a long and bloody civil war during the twentieth century.


Finland is a well-developed Northern European country known for its distinctive culture, history and extensive social welfare programmes.


Thailand is a southeast Asian country known for its rich culture, pleasant climate and generally friendly society. It is a very popular traveller destination although it is not risk free.


Millions of travellers visit Brazil each year. The large, predominantly Portuguese-speaking country has a mostly tropical climate, rich cultural heritage and unrivalled biodiversity.


Indonesia is a huge south East Asian country with extensive biodiversity and rich culture. It suffers from a relatively low travel safety score, although it can suffer from natural disasters.

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